Welcome to the Cultural Digital Archive for Chilili Land Grant.  La Merced del Pueblo de Chilili has a wonderful heritage, rich in tradition and history.

Church, 1955, east side

Our Church, San Juan de Nepomuceno as photographed in 1955 by Harold Allen.

Chilili Church, 1947, south side

Our Mission Church San Juan de Nepomuceno, photographed in 1947 by Paul A. Wilson.

Here you will find photographs, newspaper articles, videos and interviews that will support and enrich the understanding we have of our heritage.

Our connection to the land of our ancestors is strong, and has weathered many challenges, both natural and man-made.  Here you will find information documenting weather, fire and legal issues we have overcome, as well as about cultural sites and activities that keep us strong and united in our love of this special place we occupy in the Manzano Mountains of New Mexico.

This archive will be shared with those wishing to access photos, videos, newspaper articles and other writings about our Land Grant, our culture and our traditions.